The redevelopment of the trail

The second large project which was carried out over a one year period was that of the reorganisation of the spaces and the exhibition route. This project was carried out in close collaboration with the Paris-Musées Exhibition Production Department.  Inside the stripped-bare buildings, the facilities intended for the reception of the public needed to be completely re-thought. The main issues to be considered in collaboration with the architect Franck Regis from the FRDL Architectes firm were:

•          the creation of a space specifically dedicated to the reception of visitors - the museum with its simple entrance did not have one,

•          the carrying out of works to make all facilities and visiting areas accessible to people with reduced mobility,

•          the removal of the two-direction exhibition route - which was formerly imposed by the arrangement of the premises at the time the museum was created - in order to offer the public the most comfortable visit possible and allow a re-organisation of the collection in the exhibition rooms in a more logical sequence.