Photography and filming

"Come and see my Assas folly and you will see how a man's life can be changed by a dovecote or a tree" wrote Zadkine to his friend, art critic André de Ridder, when he was moving into the Rue d'Assas in 1928.

The Musée Zadkine was the place where Ossip Zadkine, a sculptor of Russian origin, chose to live and create between 1928 and 1967. In 1982 it became a museum dedicated to his work, the Musée Zadkine, a place of charm and memory a stone’s throw from the Luxembourg Gardens and Montparnasse, renovated recently in the style of a studio, of which it is one of the last remaining examples. It offers a unique, light-filled setting for filming and photography - a nineteenth century house and studios with large glass roofs surrounding a garden peopled with sculptures.

All photography and filming sessions at the Musée Zadkine require prior application for permission which may require payment of a fee, the amount of which is linked to the nature of the request and to the means required for its realisation.

Photographic sessions take place - provided they do not cause any disruption to the public - outside of the Musée Zadkine’s opening hours:

  • all day Monday and, depending on availability of the museum, from Tuesday to Thursday between 8 am and 10 am and from 6 pm onwards.

For optimal processing of your request please send it by e-mail giving as much detail as possible (synopsis, dates, times, areas required, composition of the team and equipment).

Contact for any information and monitoring of your application:
Fasia Ouaguenouni, Communications Manager
Tel. +33 (0)1 55 42 77 27