Become a partner of the Musée Zadkine for an event or for its entire programme and:

  • Enjoy benefits such as the use of a reception area in a very charming verdant setting and invitations to previews for your clients, suppliers and contacts.
  • Boost your image by becoming associated with a famous museum.
  • Develop your reputation by associating your name with extensive media campaigns allowing you to reach new sectors of the public.
  • Support your internal and external communication by taking part in top-level exhibitions.

How can I support the Musée Zadkine?

Whether you are a business, a foundation or an individual, you can become involved in several ways:

  • Occasional support: contribute to an exhibition or a publication, acquisition or work restoration project.
  • On-going support: take a leading role in the staging of temporary exhibitions, cultural activities, strategies to engage with more diverse audiences (support for the disabled and disadvantaged) and the development of the collections.


Whether you are a business, a foundation or an association, become involved in the life of the museum by the contribution of your choice:

  • sponsorship in kind (example: donation of a work by Ossip Zadkine)
  • a skills-based sponsorship (example: development of new cultural activities)
  • financial sponsorship (example: funding for the restoration of a bronze)

By becoming associated with the acquisition or restoration of a work, the publication of a book or by supporting the entire exhibition and cultural activity programme, you benefit from tax advantages and exceptional visibility.

If you are a business, by giving €20,000 you are only really spending €3,000:

  • with a reduction in corporation tax to the amount of 60% of the donation
  • patron benefits representing up to 25% of your contribution
  • so the final net cost is only 15% of the initial amount of the donation.