The creation of a reception area

The creation of this reception area was made possible by altering the use of one of Zadkine's former studios, until now an exhibition room. This reception area is accessed as soon as you cross the entrance doorway within the museum’s premises. A mullioned door repeating the existing steel door frame design in the museum, and created during Zadkine’s lifetime, was cut into one of the formerly blank walls of one of his studios, allowing immediate access. This reception area designed to be a place open to all - to both visitors and non-visitors -now allows the public:

•          to access the exhibition rooms conveniently, armed with the necessary admission ticket,

•          to view the postcards and books on sale in the museum shop, in a pleasant environment, opposite the glass canopy overlooking the garden,

•          to relax for a moment before or after their visit while admiring the figure of The Destroyed City, Zadkine’s emblematic work, erected in 1953 in the port of Rotterdam, in a more logical sequence.

With the intention of creating a link with the customs of Russian hospitality, a samovar has been installed – recalling the one which accompanied Zadkine throughout his life - in order to offer visitors who so wish a welcome cup of tea.