Room 2

In the second room - originally an open space between the studio and the house which were not connected when Zadkine arrived there - a collection of eight limestone sculptures from the years 1920-1930 is grouped, based on the themes - recurrent in Zadkine's works - of the female musician and woman with a bird. A large polychrome plaster representing the figure of Rebecca and also referred to as the Large Water Carrier, moulded by Zadkine at the end of the 1920s and based on the eponymous work in service tree wood which he then sculpted, completes this ensemble.

This remarkable piece, almost three metres high, found in 2005 and recently restored, re-enters for the first time the studios in which it was created and located until 1936. It was returned to Valentine Prax in 1969 by the interior designer Marc Nicolas du Plantier who was its owner; it had not been shown since December 1949. It is one of the key pieces of the new presentation of the collections.