Room 5

In this room, a group of seven works evokes Zadkine's taste for the decorative. This vein, very present in the sculptor’s work, appeared at the end of the 1920s. It is expressed in the treatment of the surface of certain pieces. Two of those presented - a Head of a man in wood and a Golden Bird in painted plaster - are covered in red bole and gold leaf which give them a particularly precious character. A torso of Hermaphrodite, a very common theme in Zadkine’s a work, is lacquered. The decorative aspect of certain works - such as two Masks from the 1920s carved from boxwood, results from their very nature; for others from their scale - such as the little Nude in Acacia wood designed as a precious object and which echoes the kneeling one in ebony wood presented in the preceding room with which it carries out a dialogue from a distance.