The choice of scenography

The staging of the exhibition route is the work of the museum's scientific team (Véronique Koehler, Assistant to the Director, assisted by Catherine Lanson). Its implementation was entrusted to the City of Paris Museum Workshops, in collaboration with the Paris-Musées Exhibition Production Department.

The staging was designed to create a dialogue between the works. The proposed route represents an orchestration of this dialogue. The staging is based on a deliberately elementary aesthetic. The bases and benches on which the works are presented are made up of geometric planes, extending those of the walls from which they take their architectonic dimension. In order to showcase the material presence of the works in space and the play of the cast shadows which structure them in the most eloquent manner possible, all the walls and furnishings are painted white.

This white, ultra matt on the walls, slightly satiny on the bases and shaded to highlight certain planes, unifies the space and the planes of the bases and benches on which the works are presented, serving to reveal their presence.