The rehabilitation of the garden

The renovation project for the buildings was accompanied by a consideration of the garden, which has EVIP (Protected Interior Green Space) classification, around which they are arranged. In association with the 5th, 6th and 7th Arrondissements Division of the City of Paris Green Spaces and Environment Department and with the same concern for historic coherence as that which governed the work on the buildings, the decision was made to reintroduce certain species which Zadkine loved.

Hollies were planted at the foot of three sycamores, whose anthropomorphic silhouettes have stood in the centre of this protected area for more than seventy years. These trees will soon reproduce the thicket alongside which Zadkine loved to sit and which he proudly showed to his visitors. Hawthorn bushes which he particularly loved have also been planted. Ferns, ivy-leaved cyclamen and oak-leaved hydrangea, evoking the idea of undergrowth, complete these modest plantings.